Engagement of Stakeholders

This tutorial transfers knowledge about the stakeholders involvement process. It provides all the required information (examples, methodologies, tools etc.) in order to engage local stakeholders and citizens to work together, so as to prepare and implement common actions for their territory.

Baseline Emission Inventory Elaboration

This tutorial intends to guide CoM signatories through the SEAP development process. It shares important information in order to help more local and regional organizations across Europe have access in methodologies, tools and best practices that can improve the quality and content of their Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI).

SEAP Monitoring

The purpose of this tutorial is to assist all interested stakeholders who are not experts in the field to be aware of the SEAP monitoring process. It provides useful information about the appropriate choice of indicators in order to monitor a SEAP as well as methodologies and tools relating to the process.

Seeking Financing

This tutorial provides useful information to all interested stakeholders and municipalities in order to actually find relevant financial mechanisms that can be used by them for financing the implementation of the actions from their SEAP.

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